Lesson Plans for Foreign Language Teachers


If you do a search for foreign language lesson plans, get ready to spend hours trying to find sites that have what you need. So many websites are just a collection of links leading to other websites and do not offer lesson plans. After doing my searching, I can say that the four links below do offer lesson plans.  The first two, internet4classrooms and about.com offer lesson plans as well as refer you to other sites. The third link offers great lesson plans for the internet. The Word2word website is great for online courses and activities that the students can use.


Internet4classrooms  This website has numerous links that will lead you to pages that have lesson plans.


About.com On this page, look on the left side for your target language. About.com has great lesson plans if they have the language that you are looking for.


Internet Activities for Foreign Language. This website is great if your looking for lesson plans for the internet.


Word2Word  Free online language courses that students can use in the classroom


Lesson Plans